3D Silicone Mold Nail Template


You can use it to make nail art accessories.
Can also use it to make other designs such as earrings and rings.

Material: Silicone
Size: 55 X 30mm/2.17 X 1.18″
Type: (AI-77A)Bowknot Shell Love (AI-77B)Christmas (AI-81)Wings

Operation Way:
1. Apply your favorite color glue to the mold and lighting to dry (Pick out the bubbles by tweezers or toothpicks)
2. Remove the mold after dry lighting with tweezers (remove the rough edges of the finished mold tweezers or scraper)
3. Put the finished mold on the nail tips coated with fixed glue (do not dry light the nail tips after being coated with fixed glue first).
4. Coating sealing layer, lighting (Recommended to use dull polish sealing layer, more three-dimensional effect)

3D Silicone Mold Nail Template
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