Resistance Ankle Sandbag Weights


1. Heavy Duty Nylon Adjustable Ankle Weights,Easy to wear on Hands or Legs.
2. Dedicated to love sports, fitness enthusiasts muscle training.
3. High quality Oxford cloth, double fabric, wear, do not leak sand.
4. Sticky bandage buckle design, easy to use.
5. Ideal for use on wrists and ankles, help boost stamina and endurance.

Weight filling: iron sand
Material: Nylon
Adjustable belt
Suitable for wrists and ankles
Helps increase stamina and endurance
Good accessories for weight loss
Easy to wear on hands or legs
Available weight: 1KG / 0.5KG

Package include:
1*Sand Bag

0.5kg B0.5kg L0.5kg R0.5kg Z1.0kg P1.0kg Y
Resistance Ankle Sandbag Weights
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